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Site Notice: February 1, 2020, 5:44 pm

      Well... my hosting service has force-upgraded all of my sites to the latest version of PHP.
      I did not expect any real issues, but I was wrong.
      The site was down while I didn't check on it after Wednesday's snippet update.
      I realized this on Friday when I uploaded the newest bits and found the site down.
      There are a few odd bits in my code that used no-longer allowed features of PHP.
      I also ran into a problem with the whole codeigniter/remove-the-index.php-file-in-the-URLs-thing.
      Fortunately, they still allow a temporary roll-back, so the site can run, but I need to update my code. I have no idea how long the roll-back will be allowed.

Site Notice: January 1, 2020, 3:29 pm

      Happy New Year!
      Sitting here hoping you all have a good year ahead.
      I thinking about the fact that I've been running this site for over twenty years, now.
      There have been a few bumps in that time... a few brief breaks (some deliberate and some not quite so), but twenty years is a long time.
      I still have a smallish bunch of people who still frequent the site, so I'll keep on updating for as long as I can.
      Maybe another twenty years.

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