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Site Notice: July 11, 2017, 5:10 pm

      I got home from work today to find a small box waiting for me:
      I got my Planet Mercenary RPG package!
      Developed by Howard Tayler and set within the Schlock Mercenary web-comic universe.

Site Notice: March 25, 2017, 4:38 pm

      I've had Verizon FIOS service for a while and discovered that they have McAfee tools for account support.
      I thought, "Hey, Comcast used to supply a McAfee subscription as well! Let's install this!"
      Big Mistake!
      It was "Verizon Family Protection." If the idea strikes you to try it: don't!!
      It is an absurd, overdone piece of crap that's meant for people who have kids and want a software-based internet nanny, not a simple virus scanner I was expecting.
      It was blocking everything.
      Not a problem! Let's loosen the settings!
      No can do. Doing just about anything in it required Administrative access. Not to the machine account, but the software. I don't remember setting up any account credentials when I installed it (turns out that I hadn't, it was installed that way).
      No problem! Let's uninstall it!
      No can do. After selecting the Remove option in the InstallShield script, I got prompted for the same - not set up buy me - Administrator credentials to uninstall it!
      Grumble... grumble. Already feeling like an idiot for installing the thing, I call Verizon tech support.
      Guy was nice enough, but eventually handed me off to McAfee support as 'they have the tools to help in just this situation.' Which suggests to me that this is A Thing that happens regularly.
      Once passed over and giving the new guy my information (the same info that Verizon already has), we relaunch the script. After entering the wholely unimaginative username and password to uninstall the thing (we'll skip the part where the InstallShield script crashed three times and the tech in an Indian call center requested to remote into my machine... I know I called them, but THAT wasn't going to happen!), the script then gives me a new prompt for a validation code! WTF? I need their permission to uninstall their crapware?
      This whole not-setup-by-me Administrator account also implies the need to get their permission to simply configure their software on my machine!
      The rest goes uneventfully, but the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth.
      I also found it interesting that I had no Windows restore points on my machine, despite having installed apps today. Could be coincidence, but I'm not feeling generous, at this time.
      That's 39 minutes I needed to spend playing Solitaire while waiting.