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Slow Train to Arcturus: Chapter Twenty Three

       Last updated: Wednesday, September 3, 2008 20:08 EDT



Internal e-vox:


    It's a nix on that, Mike-O. The reason that there are no external amplifier aerials in the shipment is that we're not supposed to fit them. They don't want the crazies to talk to each other, I guess.

    Samantha Browne (stores)

    PS. When do I see you again, darlin' man?



    Out here without the interference of a thick sphere of metal between him and the ship, Kretz's reception was reasonable. What he was hearing, wasn't.

    "Selna, I can't," he said. "It's not that I don't want to." Kretz was worried by the tirade. Normally changeover tantrums and instability were unpleasant… but not as bad as this. They normally only lasted about fifteen days, dropping in intensity as the more conservative, rational female side of the Miran personality kicked in. Of course nest-territory deprivation and the huge male hormone supplement load would make things worse. But she seemed almost entirely out of it.

    And the news from Abret seemed to be worse.


    Of course it could just be that the retransmission granule units power was exhausted. The suit radio just wasn't intended for long range transmission.

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