The Missing Volume
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Site Notice: November 17, 2020, 3:40 pm

      Yes, I know there weren't any new snippets yesterday. It's not me being lazy... it's a break in the supply chain.
      It looks like Eric's gone and updated his site software. I needed to make changes to my scraping script, because the links are now all different - cleaner, but different.
      But that's not the issue.
      The issue seems to be that there are no new snippets on his site.
      At a guess, the tried & true method of scheduled snippet activations is either broken or incompletely configured.
      Merely a guess.
      So, in compensation, I added David Weber's latest project, Governor - a prequel in the Path of the Fury universe - that has been snipping on his site and I hadn't realized.

Site Notice: November 2, 2020, 3:56 pm

      Yeah, yeah... I haven't been updating the site the last two months.
      I hit an odd confluence of events.
      In the first few weeks of August I hit a spot where all the current books ended snipping and there was a week of so where there wasn't anything new.
      I got lazy during that rather brief window and didn't pick up again when the new books hit Eric's site.
      After getting an irate email from a regular... OK, it wasn't irate... not in the least. He was nice and probably wondering if I hadn't looked both ways when crossing a street recently.
      After brooding over my laziness for a few more days, I got back in gear.
      Today's updates were delayed because the dopey scraping script that I now use to collect material from Eric's site stopped working.
      After finishing up work, I looked into the script and found that the PHP DATE function was factoring the Daylight Saving Time change into its conversions.
      The script takes a start date, tests it for being a M/W/F value, then adds 86400 seconds to the last tested date, then repeats.
      All dates test at midnight. But when it added a day to Sunday's value, the net result only had 23 hours added to it, so it failed to test for today.
      Pretty sure it would pick up again when run on Wednesday, but I wanted the new stuff.

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