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The Quantum Connection: Chapter Sixteen

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    It took us a good couple of weeks to get the little lunar town back in order. Apparently the kids in town were glad that school was canceled for the time period. Thankfully, it was fall break and the kids had not been in school at the time or the incident could have been far more tragic than it was. A few trips to Earth in the little warp ships were made for various materials until I set up a materials generation and replication area with a downloaded version of Mike controlling it. Basically, any computer drawn model of an object would enable it to be constructed from the rubble and lunar materials available. The nanomachines in the facility Tatiana and I put together would take the material and convert it into whatever piece of equipment, construction material, or whatever else was needed. If precious or exotic elements were required that weren’t available, then we sent the warp ships to Earth. The nanomachines could only manipulate atoms, so if you needed a gold atom in something you had to have a pile of gold atoms to begin with.

    On the other hand, we increased the budget capability of the little lunar town tremendously because there is plenty of carbon on the Moon. Diamonds are made of carbon and the lunar base became one of the Earth’s small suppliers of diamonds – unbeknownst to the general public of course. General Clemons had the CIA acquire a South African diamond company to fence the lunar diamonds through – of course, the CIA got a big cut for their troubles. We allowed just enough of the lunar diamonds to flow into the market as not to cause suspicion or to flood the market and drive down the revenues. The diamond market was about a thirty billion dollar business each year and we planned to take in about a third of a percent of that and thus keeping a low profile in the business. We also set up similar markets for the billion dollar a year silicon wafer market, the two billion dollar a year flat glass (mirrors and such) market, the multi-billion dollar fiber optic market.

    Remember there are a lot of silicates on the lunar surface. The CIA called this contingent the “diamond factory,” which was along the same lines as the old “fly by night industries” business they often used. We continued to branch out into as many business areas as we could but never took more than a fraction of a percent of the business so we didn’t attract any unwanted attention.

    Another aspect of the business was so highly classified that only a few folks on Earth knew the intricacies of it. We set up a manufacturing facility that could rapidly prototype highly technical instrumentation for classified programs.

    Say there was a need for a new fourteen billion dollar TOP SECRET communications satellite; our nanomachine system could build it from specs in a hundreth of the time and for practically no cost. It cost more money to set up the cover facilities and for the overhead than for the actual device. We spun off two companies that could produce the rapid prototypes and then the CIA arranged for Boeing to buy one of them and Lockheed Martin to buy the other. The two companies would never know that they both would get these classified products from the same plant on the Moon. And, we made almost eighty percent profit from these products, after the big industry, CIA, and cover companies raked off their share. We made a lot of money through this program.

    There were two other programs that were classified even more deeply and I won’t talk about them here. All I can say is that one had to do with using SuperAgents to understand, predict, and drive various economic engines. The other had to do with perfect counterfeit of foreign currencies that enabled us to control their inflation rates. We made a lot of money off those programs as well. From here on, we simply followed the CIA’s lead and referred to all of these efforts with the encompassing and nebulous title “the diamond factory.”

    The fact that we enabled the Clemons’s facility to become a viable business and no longer a drain on budget improved Tatiana’s and my situation with the W-squared crew tremendously.

    I was even given that long overdue security clearance. Of course, Tatiana wasn’t . She was not an American citizen -- and there was always that isolated abductee issue. I was still thinking about that. On the other hand, only I could really keep anything from her and it appeared as though the W-squared group realized this. They made us both honorary members of the W-squared team and treated Tatiana as a cleared and accessed member. In fact, General Clemons pulled some strings and had an “interim” clearance issued to Tatiana with Clemons as the responsible party. But, I needed to deal with the security implications of the isolated abductee issue somehow. I wasn’t sure how yet, in fact I wasn’t even sure why she was isolated and what that meant. As far as Mike and I could figure, for some reason out of the millions of humans that have been abducted by the Grays in the past, a couple hundred thousand of them were different somehow. The Grays had taken some sort of precautions as to not let these “isolated abductees,” as I had been calling them, gain access and control of any of their SuperAgent systems. We still had no idea why.

    After I had Mike check everybody out in the town for abductee status, we found that there were none – no abductees period not just isolated ones. We guessed that it was due to the extreme psychological screening that these folks went through in order to get these high-level security clearances. Perhaps the quirky effects on the personality that the tracking implants have would cause one to be a suspicious security risk. Hey, maybe that is another reason for me not getting cleared. I was moody and nuts for a long time -- and perhaps even a bit paranoid on occasion.

    Tatiana and I spent the third week explaining our story in great detail. The group had no idea what the aliens looked like. When we explained that they were the classic UFO nut description of little Grays they were amazed and surprised. They were beginning to consider some of the UFO conspiracy theories more seriously. I hadn’t told them that human abductees had zero possibility of recalling the abduction yet..

    It also turned out that the two light years away in what Tatiana and I thought was deep space wasn’t deep space at all for these folks. They had been out as far out as eighty light years. Mike had told me this once before, but it really didn’t ring true until I saw the pictures of some of the planets these humans had been to. We had a meeting in a special room near the General’s office and discussed what was happening.

    “In that meeting at CIA Headquarters, Dr. Daniels, you made mention of something that interested me. You said to the CIA guy that if he had told you about ‘this’ sooner that you would be further along by now. What did you mean by that?” I asked Dr. Daniels, the male, as I leaned back in my chair. I noted to myself that for a conference room on the Moon, it had plush furniture.

    “Oh, yeah. Call me Jim, will ya? Anybody who had their hand in my chest and brings me back to life gets the privilege of calling me Jim.” He grinned at me and nodded. “Anyway, we had just found out about the aliens about a year before you came along. We discovered them because we had detected their gravitational signatures. We shot one of them down with a warp missile and it crashed into Neptune. The ship made a huge splash and was apparently disabled. When we went in to take a look the ship was empty. I mean, we got to the ship just a minute or two after it impacted the planet and nothing. No alien bodies. Nothing. But we did manage to dig out their computer system. The one you saw pictures of.”

    “Okay, Jim, but what had you not been told?” Tatiana interjected.

    Anson interrupted, “Y’all ain’t gonna believe this but the damned CIA had radar data of alien spacecraft spanning back more than forty or fifty years. The spacecraft seemed to disappear about twenty-five years ago. The DOD and CIA just thought that they had left. Of course all the knowledge of these radar tracks are way above Top Secret and my guess is they haven’t told us the complete story yet.” Jim paused to let that sink in a little bit. It didn’t really matter, as I knew that the aliens had been around a lot longer. I hadn’t sprung that on them yet.

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