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The Quantum Connection: Chapter Twenty One

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    We stepped out of the payload bay of the Phoenix onto the top of the high-rise building we had landed on. There we were met a sea of little Grays. I counted forty of them. The first five were distinguished by a slight orange and brown random spotting, almost like freckles, on their faces. The one in the lead was holding some sort of device in his hand. The device was about the size of a credit card and was making no noise or light -- yet the little freckle-faced alien was paying close attention to it.

    Mike, what is that thing doing?

    What thing, Steven?

    The little credit card shaped thing in the lead Gray’s hand.

    Steven! My sensors pick up an Infrastructure pinging like I have never detected before. The fluctuations are directed at us all but they are focusing and concentrating on Tatiana!

    Tatiana look out! Mike and I thought to her simultaneously.

    A beam of white and blue light flung from the card and flowed like a fluid toward Tatiana. Mike’s early detection gave her just enough time to turn on her personal warp bubble armor. The blue light surrounded her and engulfed her in a millisecond and formed a complete ball of swirling blue and white light around her warp bubble. The ball shrunk almost infinitely fast into a tiny singular point and then it vanished even from my eyesight it was so small. And then…as fast as it had occurred…it was gone. She was gone!

    Two and a half milliseconds later I was standing in the spot where Tatiana had been standing frantically looking for signs of her. There was none.

    A millisecond later, the little freckle-faced Gray bastard was a puddle of green ooze on the top of that high rise. I twisted his head completely off and tossed it over the edge of the building. Then, freckle-faced Gray number two joined him.

    And then number three, and then number four followed him. The fifth one was smarter than it appeared, and had pushed himself into the other grouping of normal looking Grays – or perhaps they surrounded him like bodyguards protecting the President. I didn’t give a flying rat’s ass! All of them and I mean not just these forty, uh, thirty-six, of them, I mean all of the Grays that exist in this universe were going to die if some one of them didn’t bring me back Tatiana!

    I did a giant leap and rolled in the air through a forward tumble and landed where the remaining little freckle-faced bastard had been fractions of a second before. This one was fast and was no longer there.

    I rolled to my left and was grabbed and clawed at by the other Grays. My body armor protected me from their claws, but they had some sort of baton weapon that packed a mean-assed wallop. Five of them hit me with the things and released some sort of energy pulse on me before I knew what was happening. The pulses would have at least knocked out a normal human. I turned my warp field on and scattered them a bit. I jumped upward and then came down on three of the things at once and squished them against the rooftop. I kind of chuckled maniacally as blueish green blood squirted over their leader.

    A full second and a half had passed at this point and I had killed more than thirteen of the little bastards. Now the W-squared folks were beginning to realize what was happening and were beginning to react.

    The surface materials on the alien rooftop came to life with snakelike probes darting in and out at us. One of them wrapped itself around Anson’s left boot and snaked quickly up his leg. He shot at it with his left hand as he activated his warp armor.

    The field cut the probe in two and Anson unwrapped it and kicked it out of his warp bubble with a fast lights-off lights-on maneuver.

    “Annie, close up the ship and put the warp field on now!” Tabitha ordered over her comm circuit.

    “Warp armor everyone!” ‘Becca said and joined me in the fray.

    “’Becca wait!” Jim was right behind her.

    “We came in peace, you little bastards!” Anson shouted as he busted a clip full of caps off into several of the Grays.

    “Capture the freckle-faced one! He’s their leader!” I yelled to them over the comm.

    Jim and ‘Becca played the squeeze game on several of the aliens at once and took them out quickly. Anson continued firing at them with his pistols. I could tell his bubble was blinking on and off each time he fired. I caught sight of the freckle-face just in time as he was bringing to bear another credit card on Anson.

    “Anson, stop firing now!” I yelled and he did immediately.

    Tabitha saw what I was warning about and started firing on the Gray with the credit card. He was too fast for her, but she got several more of the bodyguard Grays in the process. She kept firing at the crowd of creatures as I converged on the lead Gray.

    The blue white light flowed from the card but I beat its aim before it could get to Anson. Just as the light started to ooze from the leading edge of the device I managed to get close to the thing at near sonic speeds. I did a lights-off lights-on maneuver and had the little bastard in my bubble with me. I tore his arm completely off and had the nanomachines dissolve it. The credit card device I pocketed. I did a second lights-off lights-on maneuver and grabbed a chunk of the rooftop, which I then used as material for the nanomachines to build zip ties and a choke collar. The nanomachines then placed them around the squirming alien in such a way that its feet and legs were zip tied, its good arm was tied to its blueish green bloody stump, and the choke collar was too tight around its neck. I reached up to the creature’s temple and found the clear headband that they all wore and ripped it off him.

    The little creature began to shriek in its childlike voice. “Stop, Earthlings. Please stop! You must not kill me!’

    “Yeah, who’s gonna keep me from it you little shit?” I said.

    Steven, help me? I heard her voice in my head.

    Tatiana? Are you alive? Where are you?

    I don’t know, Steven. The Gray shot me with some sort of collapsing confinement bubble, which was set on becoming a singularity. My warp armor has offset it once it got down to about a nanometer in diameter. I am trapped inside this bubble but it’s squeezing me hard. I expanded my warp field inside to be like Dr. Who’s phone booth and it’s big enough in here for me, but on the outside the bubble is only a nanometer in size. I’m not sure how long my little warp field can hold up to this stress. Help me, Steven. Please!

    Don’t worry gorgeous, I’ll find a way to get you out.

    The little creature shrieked as I put more pressure on its choke collar, “Please, do not kill me!”

    “Tell your guys to stop fighting now!” I shook it violently and wanted to kill it badly, but I knew I had to keep it alive in order to save Tatiana.

    “I cannot order them to stop without my interface band,” It said.

    I held the band in front of it. “You make any odd moves and you are blueberry syrup, pal!”

    It put the headband on and made some facial tick motions. Then the remaining seven Grays stood down. The human team was able to catch their breath for a second and reload their weapons.



    “Alright everybody, just calm down,” Tabitha said. “Why and what did you do to our crew member?”

    “She was removed,” the Gray said.

    “Removed to where?” Anson asked as he reloaded his pistol. “You want me to shoot him for you, son?” He asked me, slapped a magazine in, and then chambered a round.

    “I do not know where she is. She was just removed.” The thing said.

    I stuck my right index finger through its left eyeball and it squealed in agony with a girlish and childlike squeal as the eye popped and the blue-green blood squirted out.

    “EEEAAACCCHHHH! PLEEEEAASE DO NOT KILL ME!” It flailed and screamed in pain.

    “Then you will tell me where Tatiana is!” I yelled in its face. Blue-green syrup now just oozed from the eyeless socket.

    “Please, I do not know. I merely removed her. She had to be removed or the Himbroozya could have destroyed us all!” his two-piece nictitating membranes clamped tight over the destroyed eye.

    “The Himbroozya? What are you talking about?” ‘Becca asked it.

    “She was infected with the Himbroozya. I could not allow her to come into contact with the THE SPECIES.”

    “I don’t care if she had the measles, typhoid, V.D., and Ebola -- bring her back now!” I shook him again.

    “I cannot. She has been removed…converted to energy in a singularity. She is dead.”

    “No, she isn’t you little bulbous headed ass. Mike, connect to this thing’s link,” I said and thought at the same time. Do you hear me alien?

    Yes! How did you do that?

    None of your damned business. I slapped the thing on side of the head and told him to shut the hell up because I was the one asking the questions here! Tatiana, can you hear me baby?


    Are you okay Tatiana?

    There is no change, lover and I’m getting scared. The warp field is holding for now. I have done some calculations and I believe that the warp field will last for about two thousand years, but I sure as hell don’t want to stay in here that long. It’s real dark in here, Stevie.

    I’m working on it, gorgeous. I will get you out of there! I throttled the little Gray a bit more. You hear that, you alien puke. She is still alive and trapped in that damned bubble of yours.

    But how? The alien thought to me. That is impossible!

    I smacked him on side of the head again, Did that sound impossible to you? She is there. NOW GET HER OUT!

    Even if I could, I would not. You can kill me if you must, but she cannot come into contact with THE SPECIES.

    And why is that?

    I cannot say.

    I smacked him again. You better get to saying or you’ll be needing two eye patches instead of one!

    Please stop punishing me. I cannot say because I do not know other than the fact that she was infected with the Himbroozya. My orders are that no creature thus infected be allowed to come into physical contact with THE SPECIES. Only the Regency could tell you why. The little Gray thing squirmed against its bonds in an attempt to loosen the pressure on its stump arm and its popped eye was looking kind of rough as well. It must have been in some real pain.

    Then you will take us to this Regency now! That is, unless you want to join your friends over the edge of the building here. I pointed at the alien blood oozing everywhere to make my point.

    I will take you.

    Good. Then if you will allow me to use my nanomachines on you, I’ll fix you.

    Please, I am in agony.

    Mike, fix him. I was mad and wanted to kill the entire Gray race, but the levels of cruelty and torture as great as I had inflicted upon the creature I could only stomach for so long. I was mad but not psychotic. Don’t let this go to your bulbous head alien. If you get out of line I’ll squish you in a heartbeat! His eye resolved back into place as well as did his arm. The alien looked at its arm and blinked its large two part nictitating membranes on his left eye rapidly.

    Tatiana? How are you?

    Still in here, Steven. Any luck yet?

    I’m still working on it. Try to hold on in there for now.

    I’ll hold on as long as I have to. Just get me out of here.



    I explained to the rest of the gang what was going on and what the little alien had said. I felt no remorse or pity for the creature as they had felt none for me those years that they had tortured me and tormented me without me even knowing it. Their influence had led me to attempt suicide. I had no sympathy for the thing.

    But I did fix it. I could have let it remain in agony a bit longer. But my guess was that I was torturing an officer that didn’t create the policies of the Grays, but only enforced them. I wanted to find the bastard who was in charge and torture it. Anson had listened carefully as I replayed the conversation for them. He was convinced more than ever of the boobytrap theory.

    Tabitha was most interested in the fact that the thing referred to themselves as THE SPECIES. The arrogant little fuckers! I know my accounting here has some colorful language but you just have to realize how much I was growing to hate these things. They were arrogant; they felt it was okay to go around abducting and murdering people, and they had just attempted to kill Tatiana. We had done nothing to provoke them. Had Mike not intervened in time, she would be dead for sure.




    Yeah, baby?

    I’m scared.

    Me too, honey, me too.

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