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Site Notice: December 25, 2020, 6:03 am

      <smeagol>More snippetses!!</smeagol>
      The means of getting them, though, has regressed by about fifteen - actually, more like 20 - years, though.
      The primary source of my snippets has always been Eric Flint's web site with its robust snippets section.
      In recent days, I've automated the scraping action by using a script in the wee hours every Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning to raid his site, so I don't have to do so manually. I would have them pre-packaged and ready to tweak on my own computer and upload to my own site.
      No more.
      When Eric revamped his site last month to whatever version of Word Press he has now, the auto-snippeting stopped*.
      * This now appears to be official policy... that, in and of itself, marks the end of an era in snippetdom.
      I suspect that they simply couldn't get a queuing system in place and working. Which is surprising, to me, as I always thought that Word Press was the be-all-end-all of blogging software with gobs of plug-ins to do just about anything.
      But, then again, I don't do Word Press, so I have no idea of its back-end complexity.
      The solution seems to be a reversion to pre-ericflint.net days and posting to Baen's Bar forums... fora... whatever.
      Fifteen seconds in the Baen's Bar BuShips conference was enough to remind me in gloriously vivid detail of the primary reason why I started to minimize my presence there, so long ago.
      A new auto-poster account has been set up there and it is in the process of working out its kinks, now.
      And, boy... does it ever have kinks!
      Bad enough to break the text in mid-scene, or even mid-paragraph. That can be expected from manual snippers, but evidently this script is auto-snipping and doing so mid-word, perhaps on a character count.
      That's pretty brutal.
      I hope they get it worked out soon.
      Bad enough that I have to troll the Bar in a reversion to 1999 and Jim Baen's manual addiction-stoking scheme, but needing to pay attention to how each snippet transitions into the next is already a royal pain.

Site Notice: November 17, 2020, 3:40 pm

      Yes, I know there weren't any new snippets yesterday. It's not me being lazy... it's a break in the supply chain.
      It looks like Eric's gone and updated his site software. I needed to make changes to my scraping script, because the links are now all different - cleaner, but different.
      But that's not the issue.
      The issue seems to be that there are no new snippets on his site.
      At a guess, the tried & true method of scheduled snippet activations is either broken or incompletely configured.
      Merely a guess.
      So, in compensation, I added David Weber's latest project, Governor - a prequel in the Path of the Fury universe - that has been snipping on his site and I hadn't realized.