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At the End of the World: Chapter Twenty Three

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September 6

    It is still hard for me to write. I have to say the words first and then spell them one by one. But I like doing it. Because now I will not be “dum Chloe” any more.

    Alvaro could’nt write today. He was so tired. He steered the ship out of the bay and far out into the ocean. He never took a brake.

    It was hard waving good by to Willo and Jonny. I will miss them. But they are happy and I am glad for them.

    And the five of us who are leaving have a new addvenchur. We are sailing to the Caribeen. The wether is good, we have enough suplies, and we are healthy. And I remember what the captain told me when Alvaro was first teaching me to write. That I shoud keep one eye on the weather, one eye on the radio, and both eyes on tomorrow.

    I just never gessed I woud see tomorro whenever I looked at Alvaro and my frends. But now, that’s what I see.

    Because they are all my tomorros. And I am theirs.

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