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The Wizard of Karres: Chapter Twenty

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    The judge facing Sedmon pursed his lips. “I’ve had a well-placed official request to dismiss the case. The witnesses have left. The charges may not stand up to a serious perusal. Attempted kidnapping is a vague sort of thing, after all.”

    Sedmon smiled at him. “On the other hand, Your Honor, fraud is usually not a vague sort of thing. Certain people might be very interested in the Arimann Trust.”

    The Judge went absolutely white. Sedmon continued breezily. “And I do have certain knowledge that, if not child kidnapping, all of the prisoners have potential murder dockets. The evidence will be with you this afternoon. I trust the case will be handled then?”

    The Daal had some of the best forgers in galaxy on his staff. But it had proved unnecessary to use them. ISS agents were used to being above the law. Breaking it was just too easy. On sensitive cases like this, the Daal knew, they didn’t carry ID, just a communicator number in their heads. And with a little leaning he’d have that senior officer. “And just who did this well placed official request come from, Your Honor?”

    “Uh, a certain Colonel Pasker. He’s a part of the Imperial Governors staff,” said the judge, nervously. “Er. About the Arimann Trust. It was just to tide me over...”

    “And so it shall,” said Sedmon. “Just as soon as these cases are dealt with.” Then he left, to go and arrange an accident—of reasonably long duration—for a certain Colonel Pasker. And then to get aboard the Thunderbird and head, finally, towards Altim 4.

    “I do wish that Pausert was tidier about these thing,” said Sedmon, plaintively.

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