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The Quantum Connection: Chapter Twenty Six

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    It is really funny the things that pop in your head when you are trying to think of something else. I was thinking about Tatiana’s suggestion and was trying to figure out what all would be required to do the quantum teleportation of a nanowarp bubble over the YIT from one SuperAgent to another. We would need three cooperative SuperAgents: one on each end to act as the transmit and receive locations and one in the warp bubble to guide the bubble into the quantum connection interference beam.

    We weren’t exactly sure how the SuperAgent could guide us into the quantum connected region of the cube since it was such a small place. If we figured all that stuff out we still needed three SuperAgents. The only real SuperAgents that I knew of were Mike, Mikhail, and Michelle. The dummy we made back on the Moon wasn’t smart enough to surf the YIT; it was only designed to drive the construction nanomachines. And then it hit me.

    After all these years it finally hit me how JackieZZ had survived the quantum singularity that she had pulled on me in the Gladiator Sequence back just before The Rain. The black hole was two-dimensional and looked more like a funnel in three-dimensional space -- therefore the event horizon only sucked in things above the mouth of the funnel. There would have been some spill over and a small increase in the gravity field beneath the funnel – I’d noticed it pull her hair and boobs upward -- but not near as much as was above it. All along I had been thinking the thing as a real black hole, not one that was constructed differently or in fewer dimensions or with a tailored event horizon. It had to have been all of the exposure to warp field mechanics and spacetime curvature manipulation physics that I had been involved in over the past few months that finally allowed my brain to subprocess the information in my subconscious and come up with the answer.

    But what good did that do me now?

    I wasn’t certain exactly, but I was beginning to formulate something in the back of my mind. I also started thinking about Sequencing and how hacking through The Realm wasn’t much different from this universal Infrastructure and Framework or the YIT. With The Realm you start sending out agents to look for doorways to other worlds within The Realm and then you figure out where to get a key for any new door you find. If you find a key that fits, you can open the door and go to and from that world whenever you like.

    The YIT was no different. All of the SuperAgents in the universe were connected to each other through the Infrastructure.

    Each of the SuperAgents were doors to whatever lie on the other side of the SuperAgent -- to this point only information lay on the other side of the SuperAgent, just as a server lies on the other side of your internet connection. In The Realm you have to find the doors before you can open them. The same goes for the YIT. You have to find the SuperAgents before you can use them. So how was Opolawn talking to us inside the Phoenix over the YIT intercom? He had a SuperAgent on him somewhere just like I did. That’s how he knew I “smelled different.”

    I decided to try and write a sequencing code that Mike could use to ping Opolawn’s SuperAgent. When I spoke to Mike about this, he thought I was slow.

    Mike, we need to develop a code to ping for other SuperAgents.

    Steven, how do you think I have been downloading information from the YIT?

    Holy shit, Mike! I never thought about it. You are just surfing away and have found all sorts of YIT sites haven’t you?

    Yes, Steven.

    Can you communicate with Opolawn’s SuperAgent?

    Opolawn has a firewall.

    Can we crack it?

    Unlikely. The encryption is a multidimensional multi-rank tensor and appears to be changing continuously with random fractal dimension.

    Are there any other SuperAgents nearby that are not encrypted?

    Why, yes there are many, Steven.

    Where is the closest, other than Michelle, of course?

    There is one at the landing field hangar where we previously landed.

    I got off my duff and headed for the supply room where Michelle was located. I now had a partial plan anyway. I knew that if we left here without stopping both Prawmitoos and Opolawn that we would be in immediate trouble. I didn’t want to leave behind the Phoenix if at all possible -- in order to do that there would have to be some mayhem left behind us so that Opolawn’s ships didn’t fight us all the way out of Lumpeyin space – assuming we could survive that.

    And if we did get back and somehow Prawmitoos had returned to Teytoonis space, I was sure that he was going to be a bit sore at us and that he would be coming for the controller.

    So I had to develop a multifaceted plan – a plan within a plan within a plan. First, I had to test the physics of YIT teleportation.

    Tatiana, wake up!

    Yes, Stevie?

    Listen, take Mikhail out of your body and place him a few feet away from you.

    Right on! It’s about time, Steven! …Okay…it’s done.

    Mike, get ready to drive us into Michelle’s quantum connection pathway.

    I understand, Steven.


    Yes, Steven.

    Connect to Mikhail please and send a continuous data stream for thirty seconds. Keep the line open for return messages until I give further orders. Okay, Mike.

    Okay, Steven, good luck.

    The warp bubble formed around me and Mike adjusted the field so it would be like Dr. Who’s phone booth – big on the inside small on the outside. Mike told me that the outside bubble diameter requirement was on the order of 1x10-29 meters and that nobody had ever tried to build a stable warp bubble that size before. We were only a handful of orders of magnitude larger than the Planck length, which would be theoretically as small as you could go in this universe. But Anson’s warp technology with Tatiana’s modifications and a funnel-shaped field like JackieZZ had used made this possible. Of course, we needed a SuperAgent as smart as Mike to control all of these field parameters at once, but it was possible and looked like it would work. Mike steered the warp bubble through the funnel shaped warp field down into the mechanism in Michelle’s orange and green crystalline cube until he hit the dark shadow spot where the quantum connected fringe patterns are created. The warp funnel kept the tiny warp bubble on target as it approached the datastream hole. The datastream from Michelle to Mikhail was flowing into the dark quantum flux below where the small end of the funnel shaped field stopped. When Mike got us close enough we were pulled in instantaneously and were surfing on the information beam that was being sent across the galaxy via the underlying oscillating fabric of the universe -- the YIT, the Infrastructure, the universal quantum connection. And a microsecond later we popped out inside another quantum connected interference region in another cube. Mike projected the funnel-shaped field in front of us and steered us into the small end of the funnel. As we rose up through the funnel the outer diameter of our warp bubble grew. Less than a second ago, I was inside the Phoenix and now I was standing beside Tatiana who was herself standing inside a dark bubble of spacetime. There was a white and blue swirl over the surface of the bubble and with my enhanced eyesight I could see her there naked in front of me. It worked! Traveling through spacetime on the quantum connected Infrastructure worked!

    “It’s about time, Steven.” She slugged me on the forearm and then jumped into my arms. “I love you! I love you! I love you! Now get me the hell out of here!”

    “I love you, now hold on to me,” I told her.

    “Like I would do anything else?” she asked sarcastically.

    Mike, reverse the process.

    Okay, Steven.

    We left Mikhail sitting there in the bubble to fend for himself before two thousand years passed or the bubble was destroyed.

    If we could figure out a way to get him, we would do it – just not now. We popped into the supply room just outside of Michelle’s housing and Tatiana immediately had the nanomachines redress her and bring her health to optimal status. She created a bag of cheeseburgers, fries, and a coke and began scarfing them down.

    “It worked!” I shouted.

    “I toolf eww it fwoul,” Tatiana said with a mouthful.

    We need to tell the others. This gives us an amazing advantage. I thought to her as I watched her eat. She was a sight for sore eyes, to say the least.

    Okay. Hey, my temple implants still works without Mikhail, she thought to me.

    They will function as long as you are within a few hundred thousand kilometers of me, Tatiana, Mike thought to us.

    Oh. Neat! She thought in Russian and she continued on to her fourth cheeseburger.

    I missed you!

    Me, too, she said. I would have kissed her but there was a likelihood that she would have bitten me by mistake. Besides, there was a cheeseburger in the way.



    Tatiana’s appearance on the bridge of the Phoenix startled ‘Becca at first, but everyone was pleased to see her and pleased that the teleportation of the miniature warp bubble worked. It was the idea of creating a funnel shaped warp to guide us into the quantum connection zone that was the trick. Anson liked it a whole lot and wanted to discuss the physics of the concept. I told him that it was a trick an old Sequencer taught me. Only Mike, Tatiana, and I got the joke.

    Tabitha wanted more information on how we could use the concept tactically and strategically. Her military mind and training served us all very well. So I quickly filled them in on my plan. Then the debate started.

    “Wait a minute, though.” Tabitha played with the red curl of hair on her forehead. “If we can go anywhere else why don’t we just do that?”

    “I’m not sure that that isn’t the best idea. That is why we are talking about it.” I shrugged my shoulders. “The thing is though, that wherever we went would be in Gray space on a Gray ship and then we would have to take it from them. It can be done.” I smiled at Tatiana.

    “Danmn tfootn!” Tatiana said as she forced a handful of fries in her mouth and followed it with a swig from her coke.

    Anson chuckled a little, “Slow down, honey, or you’re gonna bite a finger off.”

    “Haffen’tf eaten in fweeks!” Tatiana replied as she continued to stuff more fries in her mouth. She didn’t actually need to eat. The nanomachines in the stock room had returned her health, but she really hadn’t eaten in weeks and some things technology just can’t replace.

    “If we go now without taking care of Sunshine out there we might live to regret it in the future,” Jim said. “But what do we do exactly? We can’t just leave the bomb behind. Opolawn would detect it and stop it. ”

    “We have to distract him somehow, and then we have to get away from him,” Tabitha thought out loud.

    “How about this.” Tatiana said, finally without food in her mouth. She reached in my front pocket and pulled out the golf ball and the controller. She held the golf ball sized bomb in her right hand and the controller in her left hand. “Mike, can you hear me?”

    “Yes, Tataiana.”

    “Can you make the bomb look just like the controller?” she said.

    “Yes, Tatiana. Hand it to Steven.” Mike replied.

    Tatiana handed the golf ball back to me. I held the golf ball in my right hand and it got fuzzy around the edges. It changed colors and then formed itself into an exact replica of the controller.

    “Will it still go boom, Mike?” I asked.

    “Only if you want it too,” he said.

    Then Tatiana ran for the door at more than fifty kilometers per hour and she was gone and the picophage controller went with her. It didn’t dawn on us that she would be under Opolawn’s control if we brought her out of the Gray’s confinement bubble and on Opolawn’s doorstep. Mikhail was no longer in her belly; the little piece of Gray technology must’ve somehow been “vaccinating” her from Opolawn’s control. I should’ve figured that out.

    Perhaps I should have even waited about freeing Tatiana. That was dumb. I took off after her but she had too big of a head start and she knew where she was going and I didn’t.

    Mike, track her for me.

    Looks like she is going to the hangar bay, Steven.

    Got it. Thanks!

    Fortunately, she hadn’t put on a warp armor belt yet since we got her back. I caught up with her in the hangar bay because she had to slow down to open the door - manually.

    Manually, hell; she ripped it right off the hinges - or whatever you would call that alien door sliding mechanism. I made a mental note that the door wasn’t made from the alien degenerate matter like the hull was. I tackled her from behind and she rolled with my momentum and tossed me thirty meters into the ceiling of the hangar bay. That hurt. I jumped from the ceiling as I began to fall, pushing myself at her. I just missed her but caught a metal hairpin right through my left hand.

    The nanomachines healed the wound before she stabbed at me the second time. I leapt over her, but she jumped upward into me as soon as I was over her head. She caught me with her left arm and stabbed me in the neck with a second hairpin. This stunned me a bit as the pin actually grazed my spinal cord. Tatiana tossed me to the floor hard and ignored me for a microsecond. The nanomachines fixed the damage to my spine and dissolved the metal hairpin. Then I had the alien armor suit cover my entire body. I didn’t want a metal stick through the cerebellum. The last drop of blood from my neck wound dropped just as the alien armor suit covered the spot and I rose to my feet.

    I shook my head and got my bearings. At about a hundred kilometers per hour Tatiana lunged into my chest with both feet. This time I had a slight blur in my peripheral vision that warned me. My enhanced reflexes forced me to twist and drop just as she hit me. This allowed me to move with her momentum and the impact didn’t hurt near as much as it could have. Also, the alien armor material that Tatiana had developed was doing a great job of protecting me. We rolled and swapped blocks, punches, and kicks until she caught my foot and flipped me. She did a forward judo roll on top of me and her knee twisted my chin sideways against the deck plating on the floor. When you’re fighting, you lose track of time but I had a good measure of how long our last little entanglement had taken since I caught a glimpse of the drop of blood that had fallen from my neck splashing on the deck right in front of my face!

    I lunged upward with my heels against the floor and pushed her off of me. Tatiana did a forward handspring and caught me in the chin with a back kick in the process.

    I staggered backward for a microsecond and then attempted to bear hug her. Yeah, that didn’t work worth a damn. She dropped into a horse stance and head-butted backwards.

    The back of her head caught me square on the nose, breaking it. Had I not been wearing the armor the head-butt would have likely killed me. She stepped in behind my right leg and pulled me down to the floor with an elbow to the ribs to top it off.

    She was up and running before I could taste the blood running down my throat. The nanomachines fixed me up soon after that.

    Again I was rising to my feet when, at God only knows how fast, Tatiana slammed into me feet first, again. She was kicking my ass! It all happened so fast I barely had time to react and my reactions were slow because I couldn’t bring myself to really fight my wife.

    “Why is it I always seem to be getting in fights in this payload bay?” I asked Tatiana as I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her over to the floor as we hit. We tumbled for several meters and came to a stop against one of the modified warp missiles that was stored there. “Well, that missile ain’t ever gonna fire.” I said as I ducked her barrage of kicks and punches. “Come on honey snap out of it, will ya! Fight the bastard!”

    I was blocking her punches and kicks while trying to grab her. I couldn’t bring myself to - really - hit her. I knew it wasn’t her doing this. It couldn’t be her.

    Tatiana, what are you doing? Snap out of it!

    Tatiana is not home, little monkey. Opolawn’s voice came to me through Tatiana’s mind link. This was enough to startle me and throw me off guard for a split microsecond. That was all that Tatiana, uh, Opolawn, needed.

    She caught me with a right hook to the head and then dropped and grabbed me by the ankles and yanked my feet out from under me. As I lost my balance she tossed me head first into the bulkhead. I hit the wall with a massive CRACK and my head poked clean through the metal wall and into the hallway on the other side.

    “That hurt!” I saw stars for several seconds before the nanomachines could right my injuries. I pulled myself back through the hole in the wall and shook myself off.

    I was too late.

    Tatiana was already in the smaller Gray ship and had opened the bay doors. She couldn’t get anywhere in the little ship though because the outside warp bubble was still in place around the Phoenix.

    Let her go Opolawn, she can’t get out!

    Why would I do that, monkey?

    “Steven? What is going on!? Where are you!?” Tabitha’s voice came over the comm.

    “Don’t open the warp bubble, Tabitha.

    Opolawn is controlling Tatiana and she is trying to fly off the Phoenix with the smaller Gray ship and the picophage controller,” I called back to her.

    “Roger that!” Tabitha responded.

    Tatiana, fight him. Snap out of it, baby!

    That will do you no good, monkey. No human has ever overcome the Himbroozya before.

    Yeah, well, nobody bats a thousand!

    Let her out or I will force her to fly into the warp field wall at high velocity. The little bug ship will probably bounce around inside the bubble and beat all of you even more senseless than you are.

    Stop it!

    Let her go.


    Then you will all die. The little Gray ship lifted slowly off the deck plating and hovered for a second.

    Okay! Wait! Opolawn, wait! But not her. I’ll meet you on the surface with the controller, but you have to let her alone now!

    Brave monkey. Very well.

    Steven? Tatiana’s mind voice came to me.

    Tatiana, land the craft and come to me.

    She landed the little spaceship and crawled out of it. I took the controller from her and put it in my pocket with the replica.

    I wasn’t worried about confusing them – Mike knew the difference. As soon as Tatiana handed me the controller a small warp field formed around her. I turned and there was Anson pointing his little warp field projection device at her.

    “It’s for her own good, son!” he said.

    “I agree,” I told him.

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