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Chapters of Target Terror: The Scope of Justice, due July 2004
Chapter 1
Jun 28, 2004
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Chapter 2
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 4
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    One shot, one kill...

    It is the code of the sniper, a lone professional in a military organization that prides itself on teamwork and strength in numbers. Feared by his enemies and distrusted by his allies, the sniper can turn tides and win battles, or lose them, with a single bullet.

    A deadly sharpshooter haunted by a botched mission in Bosnia, SFC Kyle Monroe must now pay for his sins in the worst place on Earth. Dispatched to the mountains of Pakistan as part of a two-man hunter/killer team, Monroe's assignment is to take a terrorist leader out of the game before the target can mastermind the wholesale slaughter of Western innocents. But in a backward wasteland of shifting alliances, ancient tribal rivalries, treacherous betrayers, and blood vendettas, staying alive long enough to reach his goal may be the most difficult part of the job. Because the sniper is always alone in hostile territory -- with no guaranteed way back when the kill goes down.

      By very special arrangement with Mike Williamson, I have added his upcoming novel Target Terror: The Scope of Justice to the samples site.

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